New retreats and workshops are in the works so stay tuned. Please join our Facebook page for all of the latest details.

Climber Core / May 10 / 2-4pm /$25

This workshop strengthens and lengthens your spine, core, quads and back for better body tone, balance and performance. Learn about the different muscles that make up your ‘core’ and experience what it is to move from your center. This workshop will explore a mix of classic yoga, pilates, and functional training. All levels welcome.


Mind Body Bike / May 17 / 2-4pm / $25

Mind Body Bike-Yoga and the art of slowing down to speed up. Bikers move fast. Fast legs, fast mind, fast forward. Stop a moment. How well do you know yourself relaxed? How balanced can you be if you only go fast? Join biker-yogi Andrew Belcher for this workshop designed to increase your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility for cycling. Open to all levels of experience.