Workshops and Series

  • Yoga for Anxiety

    with Chelsea Olson

    September 16th and 23rd · 2-4pm

    “Once exposed, a secret loses it’s power” –Ann Aguirre.

    Anxiety plagues many of us in crippling ways. Join Chelsea, a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher (TIYT), to better understand: What is anxiety? How does it manifest? And what can I do about it? An experiential and lecture based format, we will study the anatomy of anxiety, and gently explore a variety of tools that can help us to take control of our inner peace. Open to all levels and all walks of life.

    Bring a pen and a journal if you have one, and whatever else you may need to feel comfortable.

  • Chakra Balancing Practice with Reiki and Sound Healing

    with Sarah Hoover and Ashley Burnam

    Saturday, September 23rd · 6-7:30pm

    Sarah Hoover and Ashley Burnam, in harmony with the Fall Equinox, offer a 2 hour experience of chakra discussion, restorative chakra balancing practice, guided meditation with Reiki and sound healing with quartz crystal bowls, gong, drum, shruti box and flutes. Participants can also enjoy meditation with crystals, essential oils, brief journaling, sharing and leave with an opening of space for generating creativity and rest in the fall season, as well as enhanced clarity on the energy body and its relationship to the physical and mental bodies. A small gift to take home will be offered.

  • Fly Your Kids! Family Acro Yoga

    with Laurel Goodman

    Sunday, September 24th · 2:00-3:30pm

    Ages 4 and up
    $20 for a parent and one child.
    $25 for a parent with two.
    Limited to 6 groups. Please pre-register.
    Join Certified Acro Instructor Laurel Goodman and take airplane with your kiddos to a whole new level. We will warm-up with fun partner games, then we’ll explore Acro shapes such as bird, throne, and bat. You will leave with fun, new ways to play at home!

    Kids ages 4 and up.

    For more Information, Contact Laurel 720-933-0834

  • Yoga, Self Care, and Wellness

    with Leslie Kersha

    Sunday, October 22 · 2:00-4:45pm

    Are you able to take time for yourself without feeling guilty?
    Do know the difference between self-care and self-indulgence?
    Do you believe you deserve self-care?
    Are you ok with slowing down sometimes?
    Do you have a go-to list of self-care activities?
    Do you have a basic self-care plan, preferably in writing?

    If you’re feeling like you need to make your self-care and wellness a priority, you won’t want to miss this opportunity! This workshop will be an afternoon of yoga, reflection, rejuvenation, and self-care. Leslie will guide you in assessing your current self-care needs, creating a self-care plan, and finish up with an all-levels yoga and meditation practice focusing on your self-care.
    Now is the time to commit to taking care of you!