Workshops and Series

  • Eclipse Healing Sound Bath

    with Ashley Burnam

    Saturday, August 19th · 6-7:30pm

     Come take a cosmic journey through the healing art of acoustic sound days before the solar eclipse and new moon. The solar eclipse encourages us to look inward, let go of all that no longer serves us and step into our life purpose. A Solar Flare Gong will help balance out the energies of the eclipse as well as other ancient sounds of chakra attuned crystal singing bowls, heartbeat drum, tuning fork, flute, and more. A guided meditation, essential oils, healing stones, and small take home gift will also be offered. This event will be capped at 22 to allow for participants to have plenty of space for relaxing!
  • Chakra Balancing Practice with Reiki and Sound Healing

    with Sarah Hoover and Ashley Burnam

    Saturday, September 23rd · 6-7:30pm

    Sarah Hoover and Ashley Burnam, in harmony with the Fall Equinox, offer a 2 hour experience of chakra discussion, restorative chakra balancing practice, guided meditation with Reiki and sound healing with quartz crystal bowls, gong, drum, shruti box and flutes. Participants can also enjoy meditation with crystals, essential oils, brief journaling, sharing and leave with an opening of space for generating creativity and rest in the fall season, as well as enhanced clarity on the energy body and its relationship to the physical and mental bodies. A small gift to take home will be offered.