Workshops and Special Classes

  • Yoga for Recovery

    with Lisa Harrison

    Saturdays: November 3rd, December 1st · 1-2:30pm

    Join Lisa for an extended practice specially created for those recovering from addiction. During this practice, practitioners will be guided to move beyond addictive behaviors by connecting mind, body and spirit through the healing practice of yoga, meditation and the principles outlined in the 12 steps.
    This class is open to practitioners of all levels and to all those in recovery.
    $15 PREPAID
    $20 DOOR

  • Sunset Slow Flow & Reiki Meditation

    with Sarah Hoover

    Saturday, November 10th · 4-6pm

    Join Sarah for a deep and slow Vinyasa practice followed by a chakra cleansing meditation with Reiki energy work offered to each student individually and to the collective group. Begin with a heat-building practice that is intended to release tension in the feet, legs, hips and low back. Allow the energy movement in these poses to illuminate unconscious patterns held in the lower 3 chakras related to interpersonal connection, passions, creativity and self-empowerment.

    Then recline with a guided meditation and receive Reiki energy as Sarah guides the class through a practice intended to bring energy from the crown down into the heart, connecting each participant to their own profound sense of universal connection, intuition, and voice activation, all culminating in the heart chakra, the center of love. Be washed in energy healing, sound, music and enter a state of deep relaxation. Go home with a small gift and color-coded handout with information about the chakras.

    Sarah is a certified Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master who loves to facilitate experiences that empower others to examine, accept and move beyond self-limiting patterns and beliefs. She experiences the combined practices of Reiki and yoga as particularly effective for those who long to create freedom for their mind, body and spirit.

    $30 PREPAID

    $35 DOOR

  • Greif and Vitality

    with Anna Wilson

    Sunday, November 11 · 1:30-3:30pm

    Grief and Vitality:
    Transforming Grief into a Life-giving Practice
    We will explore yogic/intuitive movement, practical methods, and foundational concepts for healthfully navigating difficult experiences. Grief can be found in our relationships with political or socio-cultural realities, the loss of loved ones, major life transitions, and the emergence of traumatic memory.
    $20 PREPAID
    $25 DOOR
  • Yoga for Cyclists

    with Megan Moore and Megan Hall

    Sunday, November 18th · 2-4pm

    Designed for cyclists and athletes, this practice will combine a mindful, athletic vinyasa sequence led by Megan Moore, designed to aid in releasing toxins from the major muscles used in cycling and running, followed by an hour of yin yoga  led by Megan Hall, focusing on long-held, passive postures that encourage increased range of motion and deeper meditative states of consciousness. As our practice focuses on instructing alignment and breath in every posture, no prior experience is necessary, and all bodies are welcome. A great way to restore after the Rocheport Roubaix!
    $20 PREPAID
    $25 DOOR
  • Intro Acro Yoga Workshop

    with Laurel Goodman

    Sunday, December 2nd · 2-4pm

    Certified Acro Instructor Laurel Goodman will guide you through the foundations of Acro Yoga in this two hour workshop. Together, we’ll learn to base, fly, and spot exploring Acro Yoga poses and the transitions between them.
    No partner necessary.
    No experience necessary.
    $20 pre-registration. $25 day of.
  • Counterbalance Workshop 2.0

    with Laurel Goodman

    Saturday, December 8th · 12-3pm

    In this workshop we will play with a variety of Acro poses called Counterbalances. These poses find balance by moving weight and creating tension between partners. We will build onto our Counterbalance skills focusing on Flag and Reverse Flag as well as exploring other postures and transitions.

    No Partner Required.
    Pre-requisite skills: Thigh Stand, Reverse Thigh Stand, and comfort spotting someone similar in size to you.

    $25 pre-pay

    $35 drop in

  • Quiet Yin Extended Practice

    with Megan Hall

    Sunday, December 9th · 2-3:30

    Yin yoga is a slow and mindful practice. Seated and supine poses are passively held for minutes at a time, targeting connective tissue, ligaments, and joints. Full range of motion is explored, while you explore sensation with your awareness. This still and quiet practice encourages the nervous system to turn on parasympathetic functions or rest and digest mode.
    This extended practice will go one step further by offering a talk-free practice. Megan will provide demonstrations for a sequence of poses (and possible variations or alternatives for those poses) without words. Simple internal practices will be briefly suggested at the beginning of class. Bring your awareness and your breath.
    Previous experience with yin yoga is helpful but not mandatory.
    $15 PREPAID
    $20 DOOR