Workshops and Special Classes

  • Sadhana Session

    with Mark Wax

    Saturday, August 18th · 3-5pm

    Join Mark for an all-levels, two-hour dive into the depths of the yogic path. Sadhana is a sanskrit word that refers to effective spiritual practice. As a community, we’ll embark on an embodied exploration of yoga as a holistic system of healing and growth that can lead to uniquely personal forms of therapy and self-expression.

  • Teen Yoga Series

    with Anna Wilson

    Saturdays, August 11, 18, 25 and September 8, 15, 22 · 11:15-12:45pm

    In this three Saturday series you will have opportunities to explore concepts of yoga philosophy in relation to experiences in your everyday life. In each session you will learn how to practice mindfulness through yoga postures, breathing exercises, and at least one new concept in yogic philosophy that can support overall well-being, balance, and self-knowing.
    Join us for one, two, or all three classes in this series.
    Anna Wilson is trauma-informed and imbues class teachings with concepts from Positive Psychology, Ecology, Counseling, and Yoga Asana(posture) and Meditation.
    $12 drop in per class or
    $30 when you register and prepay for all three

  • Prenatal Yoga

    with Liz Klug

    Saturday, August 25th · 1-2:30pm

    Are you doing the most amazing thing with your body right now?? Growing a human?? Join Liz for a personalized practice for pregnant women! No matter how far along you are, there are some great poses to support you in your incredible journey.

    Snack Provided.


  • All Levels Vinyasa And Pranayama

    with Yogi Chris, PhD

    Friday, August 31st · 5:30-8:15pm

    Event 1: $15 drop in
    5:30 – 6:45 pm | All Levels Vinyasa Class
    SYNERGY Yoga style movements with emphasis on breathing less while moving more. Learn several ways to tension nerves to awaken those muscles they innervate. All the well-known postures plus several you’re certain to learn! New vinyasas and an all-around very dynamic experience you will want to attend!

    Event 2: $15 drop in
    7:00 – 8:15 pm | Post-Vinyasa Pranayama Practice
    What’s better than controlled breathing after opening your rib cage during yoga practice?! This class will detail pranayamas according to the capacities of participants. Topic suggestions from students are encouraged. Typically, this class touches upon physiology, subtle cues and gestures, and the general approach to growing your capacity to hold your breath and observe your mind. This is for all levels, but it is recommended that you attend the vinyasa class before, or at least have practiced yoga postures this day.

    Check out Chris DeVilbiss at his Facebook page Yogi Chris PhD. or on his YouTube channel 9th Limb.

  • The Heart Seal and The Sacred Psoas

    with Yoga Chris, PhD

    Satuday, September 1st · 11:30am and 3:30pm

    Yoga Sol welcomes guest teacher Chris DeVilbiss PhD. for these two very special workshops.
    1. The Heart Seal | Shoulder Muscle Therapeutics

    Solve most shoulder, neck, and upper back aches and pains (not for broken bones or serious ligament injuries). Every yoga teacher, chiropractor, and bodyworker MUST know these! Wake up the front of your shoulder blades. Soften and stabilize your shoulder joints. Turn tension into potential energy and build true strength from a place of relaxation. Great for yoga practitioners, body workers, chiropractors, or anyone who uses their arms or hands a lot. Teachers and healers learn isolated muscle activations for the rotator cuff and shoulder girdle. Shed tension layer by layer in the muscle body and strengthen your root muscles of weight bearing on your hands. This is a very gentle practice, anatomy rich, all materials provided. All levels welcome.
    2.5 hours | $50 EARLYBIRD / $60 REGULAR
    or $85 for both EARLYBIRD ONLY

    2. The Sacred Psoas | Hip – Pelvis – Spine Muscle Therapeutics

    Practical tools to fix sciatica, or SI joint pains and many lower back aches and pains! Appropriate for most conditions but please contact me with questions. Fantastic for teachers to learn to relax your psoas, balance your other pelvis and hip muscles, and generally stabilize your pelvis and lower spine. How to deeply rotate your thigh bone with a stable pelvis. How to bend backwards with a healthy lower back. Wake up your lowest low belly without tensing your upper belly. Find your pelvic floor like never before! Great relaxation process and excellent to counter balance sitting, cycling, or driving patterns. Great for teachers’ therapy tool belt. Postures will be practiced time permitting. For all levels. Anatomy rich. Materials provided.
    2.5 hours | $50 EARLYBIRD / $60 REGULAR
    or $85 for both EARLYBIRD ONLY

  • Yoga for Recovery

    with Lisa Harrison

    Saturdays: September 8th, November 3rd, December 1st · 1-2:30pm

    Join Lisa for an extended practice specially created for those recovering from addiction. During this practice, practitioners will be guided to move beyond addictive behaviors by connecting mind, body and spirit through the healing practice of yoga, meditation and the principles outlined in the 12 steps.
    This class is open to practitioners of all levels and to all those in recovery.
    $15 PREPAID
    $20 DOOR

  • Yoga for Beginners

    with Michelle Townsend

    Sunday, September 9th · 2-3:30pm

    Learn the basics to begin your Yoga practice in a safe and supportive environment! This workshop will cover basic yogic breathing, 12 essential yoga postures, and some beginner use of yoga props. There will be time for questions, and you will leave prepared to try another yoga class!
  • Yoga in Action: Off the Mat and Into the World

    with Leslie Kersha and Lisa Harrison

    Friday, October 12th through Sunday, October 14th · 7-9pm, 9:30-4:30pm, 12-4:30pm

    Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery in the service of others?Join Leslie Kersha and Lisa Harrison for this unique weekend program inspired by their Off The Mat, Into The World: Yoga Purpose in Action training. Their experience at Off the Mat was so transformative, they committed to bringing Yoga in Action back to the Columbia community and YOU! This is an opportunity to build community around yoga and service, to develop relationships with other yogis and activists, and to collaborate on creating authentic and lasting change close to home. Yoga in Action’s mission is to bridge the gap between yoga, interpersonal transformation, social justice and action by building a network of embodied, inspired, and motivated people, committed to actively serving their communities in a conscious and sustainable way.

    *Each session will include yoga practice, meditation, discussion, and activities.
    *Topics covered include: conscious activism, creating a purpose statement and vision, working with inner critic, privilege, helping versus service, social justice, sustainability, & spiritual activism.

    If you’ve been feeling the urge to create action and be of service, this opportunity is for YOU!


    $199 EARLYBIRD-Paid by September 29

    $249 REGULAR PRICE-Paid after September 29