Workshops and Special Classes

  • Prenatal Yoga

    with Sarah Sandkuhl

    January 26th, February 9th, March 9th and 16th · 11:30-1pm

     Join Sarah for a personalized practice for pregnant women! No matter how far along you are, yoga offers tools for preparing the body and mind for pregnancy, labor, and motherhood.

    Snack Provided.

    Pre Registration Required


  • Women’s Only Manifestation-Retreat

    with Chelsea and Romana

    Saturday, January 26th · 1:30-6pm

    Begin the new year with a Women-Only retreat! Together, we will dive deeply to explore what prevents us from embodying our ultimate self, overcome these barriers, and take steps to vision and manifest our highest self in this upcoming year. 

    The afternoon will be full of connection, yoga practices, meditation, creative visioning, discussion, and a few surprises thrown in for a creative and fun experience. 

    No previous experience with yoga or meditation required, only an open mind and a willingness to build intimacy with yourself and potentially a community of women. 

    Light Snacks will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you’d like. 

    Chelsea is a trauma-informed yoga teacher who is passionate about empowering women to take control of their body and health. Romana is a dating & relationship Expert who is passionate about supporting single women find the right partner, and build a strong foundation for a happy and loving relationship.

       $80 pre-registered

        $85 day of

  • Yoga for Women's Health and Vitality

    with Zhenya Novgorodskaya

    Monday, January 28th · 7-8:30pm

    Modern women often suffer from symptoms such as endometriosis, pelvic & menstrual pain, hormonal imbalances, fibroids & cysts and emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. Yoga helps to bring circulation to the pelvic organs and thyroid gland, balancing hormones, bringing the pelvis into alignment to optimize the position of the reproductive organs and more! Join Zhenya for a nourishing evening practice of asanas to bring balance to the female system. This class is appropriate for women is all stages of life.

  • Winter Restorative and Yoga Nidra

    with Zhenya Novgorodskaya

    Thursday, January 31 · 7-8:30pm

    Align your Self with the nourishing quietude of nature’s deepest time of rest and rejuvenation. Practice fully supported, grounding, long-held restorative yoga postures combined with guided relaxation and pranayama/breath work to prepare you for Yoga Nidra, or “Yoga Sleep,” a conscious journey into a long Savasana. This magical hibernation will not only help you replenish and heal from the potential frenzy of the holiday season, strengthen the immune system, nurture the health of the vital organs, and calm the nervous system, but it will fill you with the resonance of pure peace.

  • Body of Bliss-Experiential Anatomy Weekend

    with Bea Doyle

    Saturday and Sunday, February 2-3 · Multiple sessions

    Yoga Sol welcomes back very special guest teacher Bea Doyle ERYT 500, C-IAYT, YACEP

    BODY OF BLISS-EXPERIENTIAL ANATOMY (Hours eligible for Yoga Alliance continued education)

    This workshop is for the yoga teacher and curious student seeking a deeper understanding of the anatomy and functional movement in the yoga syllabus of poses. All sessions will have a yoga practice, therapy ball rolling and experiential anatomy exercises.

    $45 Single Session/ $145 Whole Weekend
    Limited spots- preregistration required.

    2/2 1:00-3:30
    Anatomy of the breath, the three abodes of the breath, diaphragmatic health and fascial release of the muscles of respiration are the focus in this first anatomy-based session. The respiratory muscles are integral to core strength, in addition to their vital role of aiding circulation in the whole of the body, and energetically are foremost in the flow of prana in the body.

    2/2 4:00-6:30 The Axial Skeleton
    Experiential Anatomy II focuses on muscles, bones and directions of movement for joints in the axial skeleton. Application to yoga postures, breathing techniques and exercises to both isolate and integrate movement patterns are explored in a playful and creative way.

    2/3 9:00-11:30 The Appendicular Skeleton
    Experiential Anatomy III addresses muscles, bones and DOM’s in the appendicular skeleton with a focus on integration of movement with the axial skeleton. Emphasis is on yoga postures and corrective exercises that reveal the body’s “blind spots,” those muscles that tend to be underused, overused, misused and abused.

    2/3 1:30-4:00 Fascial Trains
    Like laser beams that run through the body, the five fascial trains interweave, connect and signal to all aspects of movement and function in the body. Unpack the Anatomy trains of the connective tissue and you’ll find more ease and ability in movment. Yoga postures from this perspective speak to the flow of energy in the subtle body while cultivating integrated movement. Therapeutically, you’ll begin to understand how no injury is isolated, but how it is supported (or not) from its anatomy train.

  • Male-Identified Yoga Intensive

    with Mark Wax

    Saturday, February 9th · 2-4pm

    Male-Identified Yoga Intensive:
    Meditative Strength Training for the Masculine Body, Mind, and Heart
    Join Mark for a full spectrum yoga class followed by a discussion to explore as a group what it means to embody healthy, empowered, and healing masculinity. Bring your body for the exercise, your mind full of thoughts on being male in the modern era, and your heart to feel it all.
    $20 PREPAID
    $25 DOOR
  • Acro Yoga: Fly and Thai

    with Laurel Goodman and Philip Spisak

    Sunday, February 10th · 1:30-4pm

    Join Laurel Goodman and Phillip Spisak for an afternoon of fun and connection with a friend or partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You will be guided through Acro Yoga and Thai massage that will allow you and your partner to further your physical and emotional connection. Each pair will leave with a small-batch Missouri-made Askinosie Chocolate Bar to enjoy.No experience necessary.
    Partner Required.
    Limited to 8 Pairs.


  • Yoga for Anxiety Extended Practice

    with Chelsea Olson

    Sunday, March 14th · 2-4pm

    Yoga for Anxiety Extended Practice
    $25 PREPAID
    $30 DOOR

    Anxiety manifests not only in the mind, but in the body and heart as well. This 2-hour practice will give ample time to unwind anxious tension in all layers, as well as learn techniques to take home and integrate into daily life. No previous yoga or meditation experience necessary. This practice is led by E-500 RYT, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor Chelsea Olson.

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