Our Teachers

Each Yoga Sol instructor brings her or his unique experience and perspective to class. We invite you to take a few classes and find the teachers that speak to you. We encourage students to explore our community and discover how yoga can provide different tools to help with all sorts of life’s problems. We’ve experienced yoga as a system that can support us in having a more balanced life and a more healthy body and mind. We are here to support you on your journey to health and happiness.

Liz Klug

Yoga provides the tools for a path of personal inquiry and empowerment, as well as interpersonal harmony and unity. Liz has experienced the deep healing and joy-inspiring effects of the practices of posture, breath, and meditation and welcomes students of all levels and interest to join her in the cultivation of balance. Liz teaches to individuals, understanding the physical alignment, mental awareness, and therapeutic applications of the practice.

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Leslie Kersha

Leslie believes whole-heartedly in the life changing power of yoga for all people and builds her classes with a blissful fusion of passion, education, psychology, and radical self-care. Ultimately her intention is for students to leave class feeling lighter, more spacious, present, and committed to living an authentically inspired life. Leslie’s discovery of yoga 15 years ago has helped her personally slow down, create balance, breathe deeper, gain strength and flexibility on and off the mat.

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Laurel Goodman

Laurel found her way into yoga and movement during high school in Boulder, Colorado. Her interest in breakdancing morphed into an exploration of Acro, which she has brought to the Columbia community. Laurel is inspired by guiding students to find trust, community, and communication. As a student of movement, Laurel travels to workshops constantly exploring techniques to adapt the practice of yoga to athletic bodies. 

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Megan Hall

My goal as a yoga teacher is to welcome people into a slow and mindful practice; to teach people to meet themselves where they are. My goal as a yoga student is to keep meeting myself where I am; to continue to grow in my knowledge, understanding and practice of yoga. My training includes a very relaxed introduction to yoga 15 years ago with an Ananda teacher, followed several years later by 72 hours of yin yoga teacher training, and finally making myself official in 2014 with a 200 hour yoga teacher training and certification at Yoga Sol. Look for me in yin yoga and foundations yoga classes.

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Lisa Harrison

Lisa turned to yoga for help in managing stress during a particularly challenging time. She was so inspired by the space her practice created in her own life for personal and spiritual transformation, that she earned her RYT 200hr certification in 2014 from 305 Yoga in Miami. Lisa’s goal as a teacher is to help others access the freedom and potential she continues to discover in her own practice. She views each class as an opportunity to hold space for each student and to walk alongside them as they embark on their own journey of observation, connection to self, and acceptance through the integration of breath and movement.

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Jenny Hipscher

Jenny is interested in the ways we respond to the world through our bodies, and how we can heal and transform ourselves and our communities through a more conscious and creative embodiment of our everyday lives. Jenny came to yoga about 10 years ago as a lifelong athlete and dancer, for a practice of self-care and balance, to open and lengthen tight and overused muscles and joints, and to learn to slow down. As a massage therapist with a background in clown and physical theater, her approach to teaching yoga is therapeutic and exploratory. An ecstatic wanderer and nomad from Brooklyn, NY, she is excited to now call Columbia (and Yoga Sol) one of her homes

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Sarah Hoover

Sarah creates an environment in which students learn how to express their highest selves in a passionate, safe and authentic way. Sarah combines meditation, breathing practices and challenging sequences in all styles of classes, from Yin to Vinyasa.

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Chelsea Olson

In her classes, Chelsea helps her students foster a deep sense of self-love so they can be the best versions of themselves in this world. Her classes focus on physical alignments while bringing awareness to the breath in order to build strength, flexibility, and find balance. Chelsea believes that we can practice all lessons of life on and off the mat, and we can begin by healing our bodies. Her classes are a space to flow through a disciplined, yet creative expression of our bodies, minds, and hearts.

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Pam Spencer

Pam is Iyengar certified levels 1 and 2. . Pam is experienced in making adjustments for mature students and in advising students on developing a home practice.

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Sady Strand

As a teacher, Sady’s goal is to cultivate a supportive and nurturing classroom environment where students feel comfortable to practice and explore. As a student, in addition to asana practice, Sady is passionate about yogic wisdom and philosophy, and often finds a way to weave those ideas into classes. She believes they enhance one’s practice by inspiring growth of the physical and spiritual self.

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Anna Wilson

Anna teaches contemplative practices in order to inspire the remembrance of one's elemental, natural wholeness. She uses vital breath work (pranayam), loving kindness (metta), and yoga postures (asana), to fortify inner harmony and balance. You can find her at Sunday evening meditation and subbing classes here at Yoga Sol.

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Mark Wax

Mark is so happy to be teaching yoga in his hometown! For the last 15 years his life has been primarily dedicated to meditative arts and he loves continuing to learn, support community, and share healing space. Along with traditional yoga philosophy, he draws influence from various Taoist practices, Aikido, dance, and Theravada Bhuddism. He has practiced, studied, worked, and lived in community at The Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA and Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA.

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Guest Teachers

Below is a list of our guest teachers who you can find subbing classes and offering specialty workshops.

Seabrook Omura

Seabrook's goal as a teacher is to create a sacred space in which students may feel free to explore awareness and relationship amongst the different layers of themselves. Seabrook's classes and personal practice involve the use of asana, breath work, mantra, philosophical concepts, meditation, and the sharing of energy as a vehicle for that exploration, in an effort for herself and her students to dissolve the boundaries of that sacred space we create in the classroom.

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Jordan Milne

Jordan has been a yogini for over half of her life, making the practice inseparable from her spirit. She received her RYT certification in 2008, and in 2010 deepened her cultural awareness of the practice via studying the Iyengar discipline in Rishikesh, India. She is known for shamelessly busting impromptu moves (ex: one-legged chair in the grocery line.. :) and providing an abundance of modifications to welcome all walks of life to join in self-healing. Over the past 10 years Jordan has led folks between the ages of newborn-93 in practice, including, but not limited to, at-risk teens, refugees, the special needs population, pregnant women, and peace-seeking community members alike.

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Chrissie Fouts

Chrissie’s intention in class is to offer a supportive environment for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to connect with their individual potential. In her class you’ll enjoy calming your mind through conscious breath (pranayama), cultivating gratitude in your life to help focus your energy intentionally, and practicing appropriately challenging physical poses (asana). Chrissie believes that you are your most important teacher, and wants to empower you to become your clearest, brightest self.

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Netta Sella

After passing the 1st IYNAUS certification exam under Lois Steinberg's mentorship, I studied at Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India in 2010. Since then, I have been enthusiastically building the Iyengar Yoga community in Columbia, where I reside with my son and husband. I continue my study of yoga under Lois' guidance and currently hold an Intermediate Junior 1 Level of Iyengar Yoga certification. You can find Netta online here.

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