yoga sol is a place for connection, integration and restoration.

In the heart of Columbia, Missouri, we offer classes in a variety of styles for all levels of students to create an inclusive community of empowered people. Yoga gives us tools for healing ourselves so that we might be of service to others.

We believe in the power of group practice to cultivate conscious connection that can contribute positively to our larger community. We believe Yoga is an important tool for positive personal and social change.  Our teachers are enthusiastic and educated practitioners creating a diverse offering of classes and workshops to heal, encourage, and inspire our community.

Covid Precautions: Pre-register for studio classes as space is limited to 10 people. We have spaces marked for mats to maintain social distancing. Masks are required while moving about the studio; getting props, going to the bathroom. While practicing in your designated space, you may remove your mask. When weather permits, we will also offer class outside on our shaded deck. We also open our garage doors for fresh air.

Class Types

At Yoga Sol, we understand Yoga as an incredibly diverse system that accesses our bodymind’s optimal alignment. We strive to offer a diverse range of classes to access a larger scope of the system of Yoga.

Unless otherwise noted, our classes are breath inspired, alignment based Yoga.

  • Vinyasa

    For students looking to breathe and warm the body through more fluid movements. This class focuses on pairing breath with movement and transitions through postures. Basic alignment instruction provided.

  • Yin

    For students interested in the meditative aspects of Yoga as well as deep stretching. We hold passive postures for up to 7 minutes which allows opening in the connective tissue and the joints of the body.

  • Acro

    For students looking to practice partner techniques in yoga including basing, flying, and spotting. Class begins with an intermediate posture practice, some core strengthening drills, and finishes with acro. No partner needed.

  • Iyengar

    A methodical and progressive system of teaching postures, emphasizing detailed correctness and absolute safety. When necessary the Iyengar method uses props to facilitate learning and allow students to progress safely to suit their bodies.

  • One on One

    For brand new students, students with injuries or in recovery, and for advancing students looking to dive deeper into their practice. One on one instruction allows for personalized attention to meet your needs. $65-75 per hour

  • Meditation and Mantra

    Mantra is an excellent tool for cultivating the attention needed for meditation practice. This class lays the foundation needed for seated meditation practice as well as mindful living. Reciting mantra is both calming and creative for the mind. Come expand your Yoga practice to include new states of consciousness!

  • Teen Yoga

    In this class teens can engage practices for physical, emotional, and psychological empowerment. This playful yet focused environment allows teens to learn techniques for growing self-trust, interpersonal connection, and personal clarity. The teacher of this class is trauma-informed and imbues class teachings with concepts from Positive Psychology, Ecology, Counseling, and Yoga Asana(posture) and Meditation.

  • Prenatal Yoga

    This class is designed specifically for people in the child bearing year. All stages of pregnancy welcome to this supportive and educational environment. Join other pregnant people as we explore breathing, postures, and mental states that support a healthy pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Snack Provided.

    We are thrilled to have experienced prenatal teacher, Sam Oswald, making regular prenatal offerings! Check it out on our special classes page.

  • Private Class

    For small groups or pods (8 people maximum) that wish to have a special class. All levels, yin, restorative, flow, whatever your group desires. Time available are week days afternoons 1:30-4:30pm, Saturdays all day, Sundays 12-4. Prices vary on group size and timeslot. $60-$105.

Class Levels

  • Gentle

    Build a solid foundation for checking out our All Levels classes by attending our Yin, Yoga, Gentle Yoga or Beginning Yoga classes. For students brand new to the practice, students returning from a break or injury, yogis wanting to return to the foundation, and those with special needs. We may recommend one-on-one yoga first for some students with special needs to help them become accustomed to the class environment.

  • all levels

    An all levels class meets you where you are. Teacher provides options and variations to encourage all levels of students. All are welcome and encouraged to bring a sense of focus, inquiry, and humor.

  • intermediate

    For students who have experienced multiple yoga classes, have a sense of breath and basic yoga postures, have an open mind and desire for growth.

  • advanced

    For truly adaptable students who can bring their personal focus, willingness, and responsibility to the mat. For students who know postures and their names and are continually growing. Please be able to kick into handstand at the wall and press up to full wheel from the floor.

Prices & Passes

You are welcome to drop into any of our classes. There is no need to pre-register unless it’s a special workshop.

$10 for hour classes (cash or check in studio only) · $15 for 75 min or more classes

New Students

  • Local New Student Pass-Must purchase in Studio

    New Student 2 week is only available to persons having attended 2 or less classes at Yoga Sol and local to Columbia, MO.

    *maximum 7 classes

  • Traveler's Pass

    One week of up to 7 classes for those visiting Columbia.


  • 3 Private Sessions

    For personalized one on one sessions, pay $65-75 per session, or get this 3 pack deal for $180. Contact us to schedule with a teacher.

Class Passes

  • Hour Class Drop-in

    These are cash or check only.

  • 75-minute-or-more Class Drop-in

  • 10 Class Pass- expires 12 weeks

  • 20 Class Pass- expires 22 weeks

  • 1 Hour 10 Class Pass- expires 12 weeks

    Take 10 1 hour classes in 12 weeks time for $90

  • Prenatal Yoga Pass

    Take 5 Prenatal Yoga Classes in 3 months time for $85

Unlimited Passes

  • 1 Month Unlimited Membership- Sign up in Studio!

    1 Month Unlimited Membership Look in our Contracts section for a discount on the One Month Unlimited Membership. Pay only $160 per month when you sign up for auto pay with a 3 month minimum commitment.

  • Sol Mate 1 Year Unlimited

  • Sol Mate 6 Month Unlimited

  • Sol Mate 3 Month Unlimited

Private Lessons

For new students, students with injury, or students wanted more in depth, personal attention, we offer one on one yoga or private group classes. Feel free to look through the teachers bios and see who you might like to study with. Sessions cost $60-$100 an hour based on the teacher and type of session. We can also travel to your location. Prices vary based on group size, equipment needed, and location. Contact us for more information or to schedule a session!

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